Carolina Fuentes, a.k.a Mila Tina, is an international performance, visual, and interdisciplinary artist, drummer, percussionist, producer, and educator based in New York.

Through her innovative mix of drums, percussion, dance, martial arts, music production, and visual design, Mila Tina captivates her audience with high-energy and empowering solo performances, and hosts in-person and online workshops around the globe.

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“… [Mila Tina] is a drumming powerhouse, using her solo performance to incorporate her unique brand of drumming, vocals, dance, and video to tell a story of empowerment for women worldwide… ”



Type of Performance



Instead of a traditional drum kit setup, Mila Tina has a unique arrangement of traditional drum pieces, Latin percussion instruments, such as her lead drums; the timbales, and innovative electronic equipment. This original arrangement allows her to play standing up and integrate dance and elements of martial arts into her performances.




Mila Tina performs with DJs and other artists such as singer-songwriters, with her WaveDrum, a one-piece instrument that straddles the line between acoustic and electronic percussion by utilizing an innovative synthesis technology to generate super-realistic drum and percussion sounds.

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Mila Tina puts on multi-sensory performances captivating the audience with high-energy and empowering live solo drums and dance performances at fashion shows, and private/corporate events.


Mila Tina performs with DJs to any style of music using an original arrangement of drums and percussion instruments at weddings, private parties, and special events worldwide. Her high-energy drumming style combines elements of martial arts and dance moves. 


Through her innovative mix of drums, percussion, dance, martial arts, and visual design, Mila Tina challenges her audience with thought-provoking performances and spiritually enlightening education material. She hosts in-person and online workshops and puts on multi-sensory performances around the world.


Mila Tina also incorporates visual design to her performances, such as lighting and empowerment-themed video design, turning it into a multi-sensory experience.

Other Services


Mila Tina serves as drummer, composer, and musical director for several music projects in New York. She is available for music production, studio recording, and live performances.


Mila Tina plays an array of hand percussion instruments such as Djembe, DunDun, Shakere, Timbales, Congas, Bongos, among other African and Latin percussion instruments. She is available for studio recording, and live performances.


Mila Tina offers Drum and Brain-based workshops and programs, where she teaches energizing, traditional world rhythms through movement, mantras, and fun neuroplasticity exercises. Mila also offers "Fiercely Feminine" a self-defense and mindfulness program designed for women.


Working with Mila Tina on stage was amazing!  I am a Dj from Texas and I can tell you that I've never seen anyone motivate the crowd the way she does.  Never having  performed together in the past and feeding off each other's energy, it was MAGIC.  I had a blast performing with Mila Tina and the crowd LOVED IT!  Mila Tina is Universal, but put two Musically Professional Latinas together and it's amazing what can be done!  

Blanca Granados, DJ Blanca G

Organizer of West Texas Ladies Beach Party 

I have known Carolina for years and have been amazed at what an incredible drummer she is and how she uses that gift to inspire others.  Her energy easily translates to work with kids and it has been an honor having her Drumawané workshop come to my camps and private programs.  Part percussion workshop, part exploration of self-love, but always all fun, everyone who participates seems to lose themselves in the energy of the workshop.  
I can’t wait to have her back again and again.

Aaron Goldschmidt
Founder & Director, Shine

Mila Tina is a joy to play with, and she performs as great as she looks. Every gig I play with her I always get comments on what great stage presence and energy she has, and the smile is never off her face.

Her percussion skills really add something extra to my acoustic set and having her onboard is a real asset

Tom Wardle


Mila Tina is something special. It's been a while since I've seen a woman on drums like that. Sheila E. would be proud

Ty Leeks
Editor, Vocab Entertainment

Carolina Fuentes, the power and beauty behind MilaTina, is a survivor of sexual assault. Carolina’s use of music, movement and raw rhythm transforms pain into pure joy and a life force of epic proportions.

Minerva Perez., Executive director,
OLA  of Eastern Long Island

Mila Tina is very professional and pleasant to work with. She is an absolute trend setter. The crowd was completely intrigued and my guests still to this day talk about her performance.

Carmen Colon.
Founder of Fashion 4 Purpose

Mila Tina is very professional, energetic and the audience loved her! What was special about Mila Tina is the obvious enjoyment she has in performing. The crowed loved it and wanted to hear more! I absolutely recommend Mila Tina, she offers a very unique and original musical performance.

Pamela Greinke.
Director of advocacy of The Retreat


About Mila

"Rhythm is everybody's first language"

Through her innovative mix of percussion, dance, martial arts, and visual design, Mila Tina challenges her audience with thought-provoking performances and educational material.


Based in New York City, she puts on multi-sensory performances, hosts in-person and online workshops, and is in constant demand as a professional percussionist around the world.


With her commitment to social progress and personal betterment, she is dedicated to using her voice to further the causes she believes in.


Of her many productions, highlights include The Heroine’s Journey: Woman’s Quest For Wholeness,” a high-energy, empowering live solo drums and dance performance. 

Drumanawé,” drum and brain-based workshops and programs for adults, children, women, seniors, and LGBTQ+ that builds self-confidence and brainpower through rhythm, movement, fun neuroplasticity exercises, and empowering language.

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