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Carolina Fuentes, a.k.a Mila Tina, is a Chilean-American Drummer, Percussionist, Music Producer, Fitness and Self-Defense Instructor based in New York.


Full Drum/Dance Setup

Book Mila Tina's High-Energy Drum/Dance Live Performance for your Private Party or Corporate Event. Mila Tina can also jam with the DJ to any Genre and Music Style.

Electronic Setup: WaveDrum

Book Mila Tina's Percussion/Dance Performance to jam along with the DJ at your Private Party or Corporate Event. Mila Tina can jam to any Genre and Music Style.


Hire Mila Tina to play drums in your band or performance. Mila Tina can play rock, reggae, ska, disco, swing, and many more styles.

African Drumming & Latin Percussion

Mila Tina can rock the Djembe, DunDun, Shakere, Timbales, Congas, Bongos, among others African and Latin percussion Instruments.


Working with Mila Tina was magical! her performance is empowering and euphoric. The crowd loved it!

Minerva Perez.
Executive director of the Organización Latino-Americana of Eastern Long Island (OLA)

Mila Tina is very professional and pleasant to work with. She is an absolute trend setter. The crowd was completely intrigued and my guests still to this day talk about her performance.

Carmen Colon.
Founder of Fashion 4 Purpose

Mila Tina is very professional, energetic and the audience loved her! What was special about Mila Tina is the obvious enjoyment she has in performing. The crowed loved it and wanted to hear more! I absolute recommend Mila Tina, she offers a very unique and original musical performance.

Pamela Greinke.
Director of advocacy of The Retreat


Unleash Your Inner Badass

Life Hacks & Training Programs for Personal Development



Increase Your Self-Confidence Through Rhythm

Learn Coordination & Universal Rhythms through Mantras, Movement, and Positives Affirmations to increase Your Self-Confidence.

Drumming Fitness

Get Fit & Be Wild on Stage

Workout Hacks & Training Programs I created for Female Drummers who Love to Dance while Drumming and Performing Wildly on the Stage.

Self-Defense & Inner Power

Unleash Your Inner Power & Become Fearless

Learn how to defend yourself against assaults & robbery when traveling, in or around nightclubs and bars, and on your way home. Boost your self-confidence and learn empowering habits.