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“… [Mila Tina] is a drumming powerhouse, using her solo performance to incorporate her unique brand of drumming, vocals, dance, and video to tell a story of empowerment for women worldwide… ”

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Through her innovative mix of drums, percussion, dance, martial arts, music production, and visual design, Mila Tina captivates and challenges her audience with thought-provoking, and empowering solo performances.

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Mila Tina puts on multi-sensory solo performances as well as she works and performs with DJs, musicians, artists, facilitators, and wellness/fitness instructors to any style of music using an original arrangement of drums, percussion instruments, lighting and empowerment-themed video design.

She performs at fashion shows, art and wellness centers, museums, corporate/private/fitness events, weddings, special events, private parties, and festivals worldwide.

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