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Artist Statement

About Mila Tina

Mila Tina is a Chilean-American performance artist, producer, creative director, drummer, and martial artist based in New York. Through her innovative blend of diverse set of artistic modalities, movement, and technical skills, Mila Tina captivates and challenges her audience with thought-provoking, multi-sensory performances and metamorphic wellness experiences.

"Her Journey" is a soul-stirring multidisciplinary performance that stands out among her many productions. Mila Tina skillfully fuses the expressive force of drumming, martial arts, dance, and visual arts to create an immersive experience that explores the complex fabric of feminine energy and existence. With international recognition, her work has been showcased at renowned conferences and festivals such as Lesbians Who Tech, Gold Dust Womxn, and Envision.

"Symbiotrix" is another remarkable production in Mila Tina's repertoire, a collaborative performance piece that explores sound, rhythm, and movement as a symbiotic language. This mesmerizing creation showcased at Miami's Art Basel, brings together Mila Tina, as an improvisational performer and multi-instrumentalist, with an International Martial Arts Champion. This unique collaboration offered an immersive experience that provided a real-time visualization of the frequencies within the martial artist's brain.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Mila Tina co-founded and co-created RitmoFit XP, a fitness and wellness voyage that pioneered inclusive interval training. RitmoFit XP, created in collaboration with Alumbra Sport, merges tabata, dance, calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, breathwork, and air percussion. Using her knowledge of martial arts, self-defense, and eastern practices, Mila Tina collaborated on the development of an innovative exercise routine. While her original music pays tribute to remarkable women from history, her uplifting presentation helps women tap into their full potential.

Mila Tina is currently a part of the dynamic all-female, multi-cultural band Pussy Tales. With powerhouse musicians Camila Celin and Uyanga Bold, they create an exquisite world fusion crossover sound that is primal, ancient, sophisticated, and sultry, drawing from classical vocal traditions of the world, as well as a rich background in percussion and stringed instruments.

She also collaborates with queer pop musician Keeana Kee and Dj Citizen Jane on percussion, and has jammed alongside members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Paul Simon's rhythm section.

In addition to her work as a musician, performer artist, and producer, Mila is a dedicated and driven promoter of women's empowerment. With a passion for both kinetic energy and creative expression, she encourages women to discover and embrace their personal rhythm.  With a focus on transformational growth,  Mila Tina aims to support women discover their true potential to lead a life of meaning.

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