Her Story

"I use rhythm as technology of access to nature and human soul."

Artist Statement


About  Mila Tina

Through her innovative mix of drums, percussion, dance, martial arts, visual design, and technology, Mila Tina captivates and challenges her audience with thought-provoking performances and educational material. Based in New York City, she puts on multi-sensory performances, hosts in-person and online workshops, and is in constant demand as a professional percussionist and performer artist around the globe. With her commitment to social progress and personal betterment, she is dedicated to using her voice to further the causes she believes in.


Of her many productions, highlights include “Her Journey,” a high-energy, empowering live solo drums, dance, and visual-art performance, as well as "Myth & Motion", a short film featured at the Latino Film Festival of the Hamptons, and "Symbiotrix", a collaborative performance piece that explores sound, rhythm and movement as a symbiotic language, featured at Art Basel in Miami.

Mila is also the creator of drum and brain-based workshops and programs for adults, children, women, seniors, and LGBTQ+ where she teaches world rhythms while building self-confidence and brainpower through rhythm, movement, fun neuroplasticity exercises, EFT, and empowering language.

She serves as drummer for several music projects in NY, where she plays the traditional drum set as well as an array of hand percussion instruments. She has regularly jammed with members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as members of Paul Simon’s famed rhythm section.

In addition to her work as a musician, performer artist, and educator, Mila is a devout woman’s rights advocate, environmental activist, and voice for immigrant rights. Through her one-of-a-kind art, she seeks to bring her message of tolerance and self-love to a global audience.

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