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Goddess Kali Apparel Drop: Celebrate and Manifest Fierce Feminine Power With Me

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you ready to channel the energy of the Goddess Kali? She's the embodiment of shakti, or female power, and I couldn't be more excited to announce a new Kali apparel collection landing in "Her Magick" online store.

I've long felt a deep and intuitive connection to Kali Goddess, both as part of my interest in Hindu cosmology and Vedic sciences, and out of a simple love of this fearless and fiercely accessorized female icon! A recent adventure in India allowed me to explore these ideas more richly, and specifically why she speaks so strongly to my female drummer soul.

You see, not only is Kali nurturing, primordial, powerful, and unconstrained. She is also the feminine form of time or Kala, considered to exist beyond the mortal limitations that dictate our practical lives—just as we so often feel we do for a moment when we lose ourselves in rhythm. Kali transcends; a personification of boundless creativity and freedom to be, without the need for modesty or permission!

Kali Goddess, a Contemporary Feminist Icon

So, why a Goddess Kali apparel collection and why now? Although Kali has been worshipped for centuries, her presence holds a renewed relevance today. Combatting violence against women is a global calling—and in India, a recent plague of sexual assault has freshly drawn the Goddess Kali into collective consciousness. For the approaching annual Hindu festival of Durga Puja, organizers have developed a modern tradition of standing united with women by projecting assailants as Mahishasura, a manifestation of the evil buffalo demon who was killed by the Goddess Durga.

As we pull on the threads of Hindu mythology and cosmology, we learn that Kali Goddess was born as “Durga's personified wrath, her embodied fury.” But, while her feminine rage crushes her foes, she's not defined by it alone. Instead, her complex nature encompasses not only destruction but also creation—just like the cosmic cycles of time itself. She leads us to embrace the duality of our own existence, our natures, and that of the universe, liberating us to lean into our full truth and claim our power. A transformation that women everywhere can tune into!

How Channelling Kali Helps Us Find Our Flow

As I stand at my drums and feel Kali's energy driving each beat, I recognize what would in Hindu cosmology be recognized as my jiva-atma, or embodied soul, in its element. But it's also fascinating to understand the brain chemistry that carries my life force or consciousness on this rhythmic journey. Whenever we are fully immersed in music—whether as musicians, listeners, or in movement—we enter into a flow state; a state that allows us total freedom, feeling, and focus. It's a way of being that conquers our doubts and unlocks our physical and mental potential.

That distinctly Kali Goddess-flavored feeling requires a masterful interaction between several neurotransmitters. First arrives Dopamine, grabbing our attention and attuning us to patterns. Second comes Norepinephrine, which draws our energy higher. Next erupts Endorphins, triggering the rush of being totally in the moment.

As we find full presence in our bodies, Anandamide is released, allowing us to be in our breath while new neural pathways form between ideas. So powerful is Anandamide that is takes its name from ananda, the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, or happiness.” Finally, Serotonin provides the after-glow that continues with us long after the beat has finished. I like to imagine that in this way, channeling Kali not only helps us find an outlet for our fury, but also to fearlessly adventure into creative possibility and play.

Collaborating to Manifest Kali at the Drums

For some time, I had been dreaming of an epic Kali Goddess design, depicting her playing drums. Those of you who follow me know that I'm not only a female drummer but also an interdisciplinary artist, dedicated to collaborating with other creatives who share my mission to heal, empower, and build up communities. So, for this inspiring Goddess Kali apparel collection, I partnered with visionary Jessica Valencia. She's an artist from Colombia and the founder of 111 YKGAVI. Not only did she help me bring this concept to life but she painted a one-of-a-kind black jean jacket featuring the design and my logo on the front.

But we didn't just want this design to be for me—we wanted all of you to be able to embody Goddess Kali and project her energy whenever you want to. So, we have created a new line of Kali apparel and wall art, featuring Jessica's amazing composition on t-shirts, hoodies, canvases, and more. This design is for everyone, male or female, whether you need a little Goddess power in your life or you want to show your support for women and ending sexual violence in India and around the world. Either way, Kali's energy reminds us to be unapologetic, just, free, and in flow. I hope you'll all enjoy her as you continue on your personal rhythmic journeys!

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