A fitness show exclusively designed to sculpt women’s bodies in an explosion of movement, rhythms, and sound.

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Transforming The Way You Workout

With self-care, fitness, and wellness at the center of the experience, Carolina, aka Mila Tina and Vanessa Acero, founder of Alumbra Sport, have combined live drumming and an exhilarating workout that will shed pounds in a way previously unimagined.

Exercises Inspired By Legendary Women From Past, Present & Myth.

Carolina, aka Mila Tina, is a Chilean audio-visual producer, drummer, performance artist, and self-defense instructor, and Vanessa is a Colombian athlete, fitness instructor, wellness coach, fitness model, and founder of Alumbra Sport. Together they have been building Ritmo Fit to deliver a new kind of inclusive interval training program, mixing elements of Tabata, Dance, Calisthenics, Kundalini Yoga, Martial Arts, and Air Drumming.


The music is exclusively created to match each and every inspiring moment and the show stirs memories of the strong women throughout history who have made a difference in the world. The experience will make you sweat, burn calories, and tone up the entire body with a focus on sculpting that booty; all with the Ritmo producing those intoxicating rhythms designed to celebrate life.

Get Ready for Our 2nd Annual 

Ritmo Fit LIVE Event 2023

Showcasing the experience in a concert setting outdoors, surrounded by art and nature, spend three hours in Carolina and Vanessa’s presence and you will be amazed by the sounds, exercises, outfits, and enchanting atmosphere. 


Wow!!! That was certainly one of the best classes I’ve ever attended!  The energy and vibe were so rich and strong!  The instructor’s lead was nothing short of positive, uplifting energy. I can’t wait for the next class. 

Denise Flores
Business Manager

The event was great! I loved that all the moves were not only doable while challenging, they were also empowering. It was a fitness class and motivational class all in one. I highly recommend it!

Perla Benitez
Finance Professional

Alumbra Sport and Mila Tina put on an amazing event at the Southampton Arts Center! Dj Twilo was spinning incredible music. Non stop fun doing a HIIT workout to a talented woman on the drums! 

Kimberly Marshak
Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor

It was a super class! RitmoFit is a very innovative workout with abundant 

feminine energy. A truly wonderful experience! 

Alicia Saldierna
Business Coach

RitmoFit was a super fun event! Full of energy with a very positive environment. Recommended 100% and for all ages!

Nancy Stiglich
Spanish Tutor

OMG I loved it! It was so fun and exciting! The music was great and the moves felt new and different.

Luciana Davies
Fashion Designer

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